Glorious Descent

Glorious Descent
Acrylic on canvas 60 x 40cm

Monday, April 25, 2016

Introducing A New Jewellery Label :

Introducing POP KIOSK  a contemporary jewellery label designed and made by Madeleine
Cruise in Newcastle New South Wales. Inspired by old shop signage and the
details of 1930’s architecture, POP KIOSK combines strong geometric composition
with bold colour to create striking design pieces in timber and paint.
Influenced by a love of dance, each piece takes the name of a pop song and
references a time when music was played on the juke box in the local
 milk bar. Pastel tones and playful patterns
reference the iconic décor, flavours and pop rhythms that could be found at the kiosk.  
Each piece from POP KIOSK is a unique product, made from hand cut timber that
is shaped with bevelled edges and sanded for a soft finish. Painted with acrylic
paint and completed with a matte varnish the final surface is polished and water
resistant. The current collection from POP KIOSK consists of a range of brooches
and will soon expand to include a series of earrings and necklaces.
POP KIOSK is now available for purchase online through it’s Etsy store.
You can also follow pop_kiosk on
Devil Inside Brooch $45.00 
A snappy orange tiger brooch for your wearing pleasure ! Hand cut and painted timber shapes with bevelled edges make this one of a kind brooch. A geometric bold composition that will pop ! On your shirt.

Sorry Brooch $45.00
Think Justin Bieber's dancing pop models from 'Sorry' and you'll be ready to embrace the orange and purple of this hit brooch. Hand cut and painted to resemble a lightning bolt and finished in a matte varnish. This is a one of a kind design and signed by the maker.

Love Me Tender $40.00
Reminiscent of the milk bar street sign that glows overhead on the footpaths of yester year. An irregular square and pentagon make up this particular composition, hand painted in blue, black and finished with a matte varnish. This is a unique item, signed by the maker and ready to wear !
I Think I Love You Brooch will beat like your on your chest
Papa Don't Preach Brooch $35.00
This handmade timber brooch is inspired by a 1950's Milk Bar, with it's polka dot sprinkles, pastel blue lino and mandarin sherbet, crafted into a wearable icon. This hand cut, painted and lacquered brooch with soft bevelled edges is one of a kind and signed by the maker. Let it shine on a white blouse or sports jacket whilst drinking a milk shake !

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