Glorious Descent

Glorious Descent
Acrylic on canvas 60 x 40cm

Monday, December 22, 2014

Window Installation

Candy Parlour: Truffles, Gucci, Chanel, macaroon 2014
Mixed media installation. NANA gallery window

My art practice is an exploration of the subconscious through painting and sculpture. Using an abstract language I create hybrid objects and colourful spacious paintings that are fusions of the real and the imaginary.
Candy Parlour is a biographical work that recalls my experience as a shop girl at David Jones in 2010. As my first job out of art school I found myself living a strange paradox : As I was simultaneously seduced by the fantastical department store and repulsed by its superficiality. I was constantly battling the rule of two worlds, one that lured me with exotic fragrance, candy displays and lush fabrics and the other that bored me with routine and sales pitches. In the assemblage of Candy Parlour I found myself returning to my days of decorative window dressing, though perhaps with a little irony this time round. Interestingly enough I now run a gallery in a former David Jones building - so it seems dreams of some kind really do come true.