Glorious Descent

Glorious Descent
Acrylic on canvas 60 x 40cm

Monday, September 20, 2010

Live to eat or eat to live ?

I take my heart to the market and it selects so as to savour.

Luscious flesh of a fish and tantalising salty seeds of a caper berry
I feed my soul so as understand my heart
What flavours can I roll over my tongue for desert ?
What thick syrup will wash down my throat ?
To taste so as to ignite, so as to enquire, so as to feel

I cook to transform emotion, to make tangible
To melt, to BEAT, to slowly procure a flavour
To have magic at one's fingertips

With food as ritual I love to gather - to be nurtured by a laden shelf
But as the groceries accumulate and grow dusty the pantry laughs knowingly at me.

Weighted with other thoughts, I reach for a can of baked beans.

Sometimes I eat very little and food will not satisfy
But I eat for sustenance. I eat for tomorrow.

And most of all..

I eat so as to share

Eat with me my friends

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Aspirations of a Door Bitch

To live an artful life is not an easy one, though it certainly is full. Full of other people's condescension and ignorance, as I unfortunately learnt, yet again today, in the work place.

My shiny new black brogues with their sexy toes are really the only reason I get up on my work day mornings. I slip into them and I feel a million dollars, it doesn't matter that I will be opening doors and directing people to the toilet whilst wearing them - they almost make it worth it, and dare I say, make me feel a million dollars. However, as a customer revealed to be today, I really am not worth a million dollars, nor is the 5 star service that I provide for her whilst she shops. For the purposes of this entry, let's dignify the customer with a name.. bitch face.

Ironically today, I embarked on a new approach to my job, diligence and enthusiasm. My rationale was that perhaps time would fly by, with the more eye contact I made, the more doors I opened and the more excitedly I talked about the pansies in the flower show. All was going surprisingly well when I smiled at an approaching customer who was exiting the store. I made my way ahead of her to the heavy doors (which in retrospect I should have done her a favour and made open for herself, her tuck shop arms needed it). Standing with the door open she looked at me with a narrowed brow and shaking head,
"You certainly have THE most boring job" she exclaimed.
Exhausted by this comment yet again, I responded with a disconcerting smile:
"Yes madam, but I really don't need you to tell me that".
To which bitch face responded:
"You really ought to aspire for something better than standing at the front of a shop and opening doors, i mean really ! "
(Yes, I thought to myself, I should busy myself with consumerism and buy myself success and happiness, just like you, you certainly behave the better for it - judging everyone else whilst sporting a hideous shade of beige lipstick).
But instead I responded: ' What makes you think you know anything about my aspirations outside of working here at this store ?'
'Yes.. I guess I don't', she replied with a sigh, ' but the look of you is awfully sad', she said, as she flounced out of the store.

I stood perplexed. I was just trying to perform the David Jones 5 star service. The 6th star is obviously that the customer must out perform you and not only make you do your job but pity you for it too.

If only she knew the beauty and wonder, trials and passionate tribulations, ideas and unquantifiable fortune that comes from my artful life and those I share it with. I need not aspire for it, because with my heart open, it comes to me. Unfortunately for bitch face she will never know this.

As I completed my final lap in the pool tonight, having watched the water turn from aqua to turquoise to an iridescent green in the changing light of dusk and nightfall. I felt like I had perfected a certain stroke, I knew too that I had surrendered something. Just As I must diligently push through the water and consciously mind my style, I must surrender my body and thoughts and let the water take me. A simultaneous giving and receiving, a grace.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Succinct (sheep) Sabotage
Madeleine Cruise David Peddle Huw Lewis

Painting Sculpture Installation Video

Horus & Deloris Contemporary Art Space

102 Pyrmont St Pyrmont Sydney
1st - 15th September 2010

Players unite!!!

In Succint Sheep Sabotage.

With colour and thread we brush and stitch, rework and invent the musings of your macabre and magical dreams.
It is an uber game of ultimate fantasy, seen and whispered, yet never before holding the stage.
Together we bring the smelliest of rodents and sweetest of dreams from your imagination and discover the crunch of cockroaches between soft layers of sponge cake.
It is a dance of the deadliest kind, where you can chase down dancing deli demons in the park of priceless pleasure and stroke that fury reptile that lays in your lap.
As no stone is left unturned no thought is left unsketched, ye must lick lick lick that unearthly delight that drips before you!
We: Cruise, Peddle and Lewis are your amateurs of all time, imminent stars of the tuckshop, - we see all and dare to share.
As whimsical train robbers we have jumped aboard your worst nightmare and sweetest of thoughts and sabotaged the deplorable truth.
The succinct world is over.
This Spring,
Make way for the sheep.