Glorious Descent

Glorious Descent
Acrylic on canvas 60 x 40cm

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Exhibition Opening This Week In Sydney


April Projects


Prince Aydin, Madeleine Cruise, Jacqueline Larcombe

Saturday & Sunday 16-23 April 2016, 11-5pm 

Exhibition launch Friday 15 April, 6-8pm

This show features the artists Prince Aydin, Madeleine Cruise, Jacqueline Larcombe, who took up the very first Bammy Residency in 2015, run by Marrickville Garage from a house on Mangrove Creek. 

United by friendship the three artists share responsibility in the administration and direction of NANA, a not for profit and artist run space located in Newcastle NSW.

 Prince Aydin, Paint Like A Man (Apparently): Chapter Two. Video, 2015-2016

During the four week residency, Prince consolidated their experimental performative works, using the natural setting as ‘stage’. Working across with painting, drawing, dance, writing and video, Prince reveals identities, desires, humiliations, frustrations and pleasures; through a post-queer, feminist lens.

Madeleine Cruise, Mangrove Caves 2015 Acrylic on canvas 80x66cm

Madeleine Cruise responded to the landscape whilst visiting Mangrove Creek, making drawings and watercolours outdoors, before working on collages and larger paintings in the studio. The final works operate as interconnected psychological interiors and landscape paintings that chart the emotional terrain of her experiences within the natural environment of Mangrove Creek.

Jacqueline Larcombe video still from "Mangrove Creek Commune", 2016

Jacqueline Larcombe used her time on the Bammy Residency to continue a series of giant clunky mugs. As time progressed she converted the mugs into novelty products marketing the possibility of a new life in Mangrove Creek. This coincided with a video made during the residency titled ‘Mangrove Creek Commune’, a short narrative style video about a fictional ‘alternative’ women’s commune being set up along the river.

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