Glorious Descent

Glorious Descent
Acrylic on canvas 60 x 40cm

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Studio Developments and New Work

Illusions of Desire 2016 Acrylic on canvas 120x120cm

It is with great excitement that I present a recent work from my studio: Illusions of Desire.
It is a complex piece that I find enjoyably un nerving. Immediately sweet and enticing, yet uncomfortable to behold, with it's un clarified body imagery and disappearing chasms. One feels slightly voyeuristic, staring curiously into the chasms and folds of the voluptuous shapes, restrained only by imagination as to what the painting may reveal. Like an illusion the  composition is veiled in a layer of titanium white to create pastel hues that revel in ambiguity.  It is precisely this contradiction and visual  menace that I enjoy.