Hot Pot Cat 2107

Hot Pot Cat 2107
Mixed Media on Paper 29x21cm

Friday, October 21, 2016

San Clemente's Icons - completed works

San Clemente's Icons
Introducing the completed works from the September San Clemente High School Residency.

In this collage series, my attention was on the interior style and architectural features of the historic school building, combined with the surrounding industrial landscape. I have used the archways, religious iconography and repeated patterns throughout the school's gardens, brickwork, lead lights and architraves as a framing device for the views beyond.  Layered collages of watercolour, pastel and charcoal reference the working suburban neighbourhood of Mayfield and the ever-changing skyline of industry.

One of these collective collages is a gift to the school in appreciation of my time spent with the community of San Clemente.