Glorious Descent

Glorious Descent
Acrylic on canvas 60 x 40cm

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Presents

Are you Feeling heavy with the weight of possessions, yet really desire that enormous duck statue with nowhere in your house to present it? Is Christmas looming yet your bank balance dwindling and you don't know where you will find the cash to buy that expensive pearl necklace for your girlfriend ? Or do you really want that angle grinder that no one will buy you ?

Well now your problems are solved in my new Domestic Christmas series of paintings. For a limited time only you can purchase what ever exotic or mundane item on your wish list, in an affordable and compact way. own that power tool you have always wanted, without the obligation of having to actually use it - display it on your wall and in all its expressive painterly beauty you can admire it every day.

Or maybe you have a friend who enjoys the finer things in life, art and a piece of decadent blue cheese ? Well these two things are combined in paintings of food and finery that also feature in the domestic Christmas range. Pick up a painting of cheese, eggs, a glossy lettuce or a bounty of bananas. Dreaming of a white Christmas, with no cash to fund it ? How about a reindeer snow globe painting ?

This month I have set up studio in my dad's shed. Sharing the space with drop saws, motor bikes and long lost boxes of family memorabilia. It is a tight squeeze as I paint amongst the possessions and bring in my own material. Mum angrily has to trudge down to the shed in the morning to retrieve the fruit she wants for breakfast, only having to repeat the process later when she can't find the mix master to bake her cake. So, between the mayhem of the shed and the domestic influences of living with the family again, I have some interesting subjects for my paintings.

From angle grinders to cartons of eggs, I have selected familiar objects of everyday life. There is a suitable amount of tasteful kitsch involved too as I can't take still life painting too seriously. All works are acrylic on board and are ready to hang. Sizes range from postcard to 40cm squared.

This new series of paintings will be for sale at the Bowral Farmers Market on the 10th of December and at the Mittagong Markets on the 17th of December. As well as by private or online viewing. Tailored toward the discerning Christmas shopper The Domestic Christmas range has a subject and price to suit all tastes.

Please contact me for more information and forward the idea to your friends.

More images to follow.

Merry Christmas

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