Glorious Descent

Glorious Descent
Acrylic on canvas 60 x 40cm

Monday, July 19, 2010

One Hectic Day !

Four Paintings have been delivered to Kaleidoscope Galley for Thursdays Show, One to the Mosman Art Galley - for the inaugural art prize I'm yet to claim - and one to FirstDraft Depot for its launch and art exhibition on Saturday.

In between all of this suburb hopping and heavy lifting I: Battled Centrelink - why must I feel like an invalid and gutter clinging member of society on such a regular basis ? Held a conversation with a lovely Prada sun glasses wearing cabbie - who stole my heart with talk of the colours of India; Purchased THE most disgustingly amazing snot green, pom pom covered velvet - a new plushie will be born soon ! Hunted down a loaf of bread that was less than five dollars - it's harder than you think; Was cheered up by Michael Jackson's tunes; Watched an amazing artist at work, threading silky lengths of blonde artificial hair onto a body suit of fishnets; Drank tea and ate stolen scones with jam and cream on a picnic blanket with a friend; Sewed a plush mask into existence - to be worn in some shenanigan tomorrow; Felt like a tourist navigating my way over the Harbour Bridge to THE OTHER SIDE; Was stamped the 750th entrant in the Mosman art prize and Sculled a schooner of beer.

Pleas come and enjoy 'calamity cake' and wine on Thursday at Kaleidoscope Gallery or a sausage and some art with Clover Moore on Saturday at the Depot. It should be a hoot !